Belated happy birthday Rownnney. Last night was sooo goode and jam-packed with awesomeness. Good people means good time. Talking with these people are on of the things that I won’t miss for the world. (at Monteverde Royale Subdivision, Taytay)

"I don’t know nothing but love - Boys Over Flowers. Still learning. Sorry (at Monteverde Royale Subdivision, Taytay)

Introduction to Mythology by Edith Hamilton. Can I borrow this?

Boys want what other boys want

Eating a Butterscotch Sweetcorn flavored Ice cream of this Nestle mug. I remember… feels like Im holding the same mug. #summer (at Miranda Subdivision, Taytay, Rizal)

at Salamat St. Taytay, Rizal

Marks as the beggining of this year’s Holy Week. Palm Sunday (at St. John the Baptist Parish, Taytay, Rizal)

*swing punch-swing punch* TANG INA!!!!!!!! :d On The Job.

Why so pwetty :3 Can’t get over you go back to the big screen please :(

A class like this would be cool