Before going to sleep.

Oh hello there! Happy birthday! Please, please sana next time makita ka naman namin. Haha. Anyways, you know you can count on me always. Have fun on your birthday. Always keep an undaunted heart with you. :)

Happy birthday to my brother. Oh well, its been 8 months already.. I heard youre doing great in school. I miss you so much and thanks for everything. Hope to see you soon. Have fun!

PS. Sorry di ata ako makakapag Skype bukas. :|

I miss you guys! 4MC-BR01. Reposted from Cess Cabrera (at Music 21 Tomas Morato)

5th floor selfie. Reposted from Marsha TaƱedo. :) (at GMA Network Center)

Meryenda time with my co researchers and our production coordinator. :) Tea and Co. :)

Late post. My first ever live remote experience. It wasnt easy, being wide awake 26 hours straight and all and still doing that kapuso pose! (at Casa Santa, Antipolo)